Charles MacLean, a recipient of the MBE in 2021 for his contributions to Scotch whisky, holds the esteemed title of Master of the Quaich. With his extensive knowledge and expertise, he is widely recognized as a preeminent global authority on the subject. Having authored 19 books on whisky, including his renowned work "Malt Whisky" published in 1997, he is hailed by the BBC as the esteemed figure in the realm of whisky writers. Additionally, he made his silver screen debut in Ken Loach's 2012 film "The Angel's Share."

Charlie takes great pleasure in welcoming our guests for whisky tastings or distillery tours, regardless of their level of expertise or passion for whisky. He ensures that each individual's whisky experience aligns perfectly with their preferences, whether they seek a lighthearted and enjoyable time or a deep exploration of the diverse and intricate world of Scotland's beloved national drink. Charlie's unparalleled knowledge of the industry's history and heritage, as well as its colorful personalities, sets him apart. Moreover, his warm and engaging personality makes him exceptional company for any whisky enthusiast.


The proper drinking of Scotch whisky is more than indulgence:
it is a toast to civilization, a tribute to the continuity of culture, a manifesto of man’s determination to use the resources of nature to refresh mind and body and enjoy to the full the senses with which he has been endowed.” - David Daiches


With a constantly increasing number of malt and grain distilleries, currently exceeding 130, Scotland stands as a thriving hub for the whisky industry. This growth is fuelled by the global demand for Scotch whisky, which has solidified its position as one of the United Kingdom's premier exports. Among the diverse range of distilleries found in Scotland, one can discover renowned establishments owned by industry giants, as well as exciting newcomers known as the "new wave" of distilleries. Notable among these is Ardnamurchan, Scotland's most westerly mainland distillery, led by Alex Bruce in the role of Managing Director.

Scotland's distilleries are categorised into five renowned whisky regions: Highland, Speyside, Islay, Lowland, and Campbeltown, each with its own distinctive style and flavor profile. Every distillery holds a unique character, resulting in a wide array of whisky offerings. At MacLean and Bruce, under the expert guidance of Charles MacLean and our extensive network of connections throughout Scotland, we have the privilege of accessing all of these distilleries. This allows us to curate private and unforgettable experiences for our guests who join us on whisky journeys across Scotland.


At MacLean & Bruce, we take great pride in our extensive networks throughout Scotland, which empower us to deliver exceptional support and guidance to our clients in their journey of selecting and curating casks from distilleries across all whisky regions. Our company directors, Charles MacLean and Victoria Bruce, possess not only invaluable experience but also a wealth of contacts within the industry.Vikki brings a decade of experience working with Adelphi Distillery, and her instrumental role in the establishment of their very own distillery in Ardnamurchan significantly enhances her expertise. Furthermore, our family estate's storage and bottling facilities in the Kingdom of Fife contribute to Vikki's comprehensive knowledge and experience.With our team's profound expertise, robust industry connections, and unwavering passion for whisky, we are fully equipped to guide and support our clients through the intricate world of whisky casks. Our ultimate goal is to assist them in crafting truly unique and unforgettable whisky experiences.

With the recent introduction of our MacLean & Bruce independent bottling series, we are delighted to offer a tailored service that caters to our clients' unique preferences. Assisted by Charlie, we guide our clients through the entire process of selecting, nosing, tasting, noting, purchasing, bottling, and exporting whisky, all according to their specific requirements.We take pride in creating personalized bottles, allowing our clients to enjoy the whisky themselves, present it as a gift, or commemorate special occasions, friendships, or societies, be they formal or informal. Furthermore, we are readily available to assist in the acquisition of aged and rare bottles or highly sought-after releases, whether from established global giants or emerging "new wave" distilleries.Our approach is entirely flexible and customized to meet the individual needs and preferences of our clients. We are dedicated to delivering an exceptional and bespoke whisky experience that exceeds expectations.



We pride ourselves on bringing together all the essential elements to create an unforgettable whisky experience: unrivalled access, extensive knowledge and expertise, the ability to access and select exceptional casks and bottles, and the logistical support and connections to make it all come together seamlessly.

For those seeking an immersive journey, we offer the opportunity to explore whisky in its homeland, Scotland.

Engage with the spirit, immerse yourself in its natural milieu, and have a truly enjoyable and educational experience. To enhance your trip, we can also curate the finest culinary experiences and showcase the breathtaking destinations that Scotland has to offer.

We extend a warm invitation for you to join us on this remarkable journey, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional whisky experience that exceeds your expectations.