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We Know Scotland

MacLean & Bruce is a luxury travel company with high level privileged access to the whisky industry. With author and expert  Charles MacLean, we guide our guests through Scotland’s distilleries for private whisky tours and tastings. We combine this with luxury travel and accommodation to create the perfect Scottish experience.

As a destination, Scotland sells itself. The vision in the minds of our visitors is that of heather-clad mountains and tumble-down castles, of cities full of contemporary culture in historic architecture, of clean air, majestic waterfalls and rivers, of bountiful flora and fauna; and the reality never disappoints. 

Our guests have the highest of expectations, and our objective is to ensure that each guest receives the finest experience. 

Whisky plays an essential part in what we do, from tastings and distillery visits to rare bottle and cask investments. With Charles MacLean on hand to guide guests through the mysteries of The Water of Life, we wrap superb accommodation, travel, food, music and activities around the purpose of the visit, thinking holistically about the entire experience. The luxury lives in the details.

“Details matter. They create depth, and depth creates authenticity." - Neil Blumenthal

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Charles MacLean MBE is one of Scotland’s best-known figures, a leading global whisky expert, prolific author, and accidental film star. For our guests visiting Scotland to enjoy ‘the water of life’ (whisky), there is no finer guide on the subject.  

As a Director of MacLean & Bruce, Charlie is on hand to guide our guests in the sensory evaluation and enjoyment of scotch whisky. With unparalleled access to Scotland’s distilleries, from the global giants to the ‘new wave’, there is no one better placed to assist with the selection, nosing, tasting, noting and purchase of scotch whisky. An old-school bon viveur, Charlie is a raconteur of note and, simply put, great fun to be with.



The family name of Bruce is known across the globe, due in part to our ancestor King Robert the Bruce being one of Scotland’s most iconic historic figures.  Today the Family of Bruce are based in The Kingdom of Fife, and guests are welcome to experience our extraordinary hospitality first hand.  

With almost 1000 years of history in Scotland, the heritage which accompanies the name is one of great significance. The history of the MacLean and Bruce families provide the strongest of historical ties to Scotland’s people and places, our heritage, our music, outdoor pursuits, food and drink, and our passion for welcoming guests as if they were family and close friends.


Formation of MacLean and Bruce

 M&B was created in 2013 after Charles and Vikki were asked to help organise a very high-end whisky tour for a visiting senior royal guest. This wonderful experience became the template for what subsequently became MacLean & Bruce - to offer truly luxurious whisky trips to discerning guests. 

The adage ‘It’s not what you know, but who you know’ is never is that more true than when you are travelling. By keeping clear of tourist trails and by using our personal connections, we create a level of authenticity which gives our guests a more meaningful and memorable experience. 

“To travel is to live” – Hans Christian Anderson

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Exploring Scotland’s Five Scotch Whisky Regions

The Scotch Whisky Regulations (SWR) 2009 set out, among other things, to regulate how Scotch Whisky should be labelled, packaged and advertised. The five Scotch Whisky Regions defined by the SWR, are: Highland, Lowland, Speyside, Islay and Campbeltown.


Scotland’s Glorious Gardens

There are walled gardens, historic gardens, Victorian gardens, physic gardens and would you believe there is even a rather remarkable Garden of Cosmic Speculation.Add to the list the wonderfully idiosyncratic green spaces, which often defy labelling, and you start to understand the lure of Scotland’s horticultural works of art.With an everchanging canvas and a cracking story to tell, they are nature’s gifts, the perfect antidote to digital overload and city living.

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