Marcel Gallaun

October 15, 2019


We are delighted to be launching our new website, and with it the talents of Marcel Gallaun who filmed the film footage on our home page.

Marcel is a filmmaker and landscape photographer from the beautiful alpine republic of Austria who spent several weeks in Scotland making this beautiful film, to see the original film see the link below.

Tell us a little about your background as a film-maker and photographer.

“I started film-making already in my early ages, but in the beginning the content of my videos was more or less pretty random. Over time I got more and more into film-making and decided to combine filming with my great passion of travelling and exploring.”

As a visitor to Scotland what are your highlights, and why?

In September 2018 I had the chance to spend one week in beautiful Scotland to film the short-film “Scotland – A Highland Tale”. After arriving in Edinburgh I made my way up to the Highlands and was overwhelmed by  the breath-taking landscape. If I have to name one specific area, I have to say that the Isle of Skye was the highlight of my trip. With the rough mountains and beautiful sunsets Skye was simply beautiful.

What were your best and worst food experiences?

I’m afraid to say that I haven’t had much time to explore the Scottish cuisine. I spent nearly the whole week in my rental car and drove from one filming destination to the next one. Filming all the sunrises and sunsets also meant getting up early in the morning and driving till late at night to arrive in time at the next spot.

Did you find the changeable Scottish weather affected your filming results positively or negatively?

Yes, definitely. The weather was a major factor during filming. Especially for time-lapse photography, where you have to spend a long time at the same place. Getting rid of rain-drops on the lens was a task I had to do for nearly every shot. Many shots which I wanted to do were not possible as planned due to the harsh weather. But the fast changing weather also had some advantages, I was allowed to whiteness some of the most beautiful sunsets of my whole life.

Are you a whisky fan, and if so what is your favourite tipple?

I am a bit of a whisky fan but I’m also afraid to say that I haven’t had the chance to taste some of the excellent Scottish whiskeys due to my strict time-table during my trip. But maybe I’ll get the chance during my next visit.

Did you spend any time on other activities while you were here?

My whole trip pretty much consisted of driving (over 1000miles in one week), a lot of hiking and of course photographing and filming. During my one week visit I took over 40.000 pictures which were around 4TB of raw data.

Loup of Fintry during sunset

Can we see your favourite photograph from your time here, if you have one?

Sure, I took my favourite picture at the last spot on the last day of my trip. It was a picture of the waterfall Loup of Fintry during sunset.

Do you have any travel tips to give to visitors to Scotland?

Definitely pre prepared for harsh weather. But if the weather is bad, just wait for some minutes and the weather can change completely. In case of travel destinations I can only recommend to visit the Isle of Skye, it really has a lot to offer.

To see the full video head to Marcel’s YouTube channel or his Facebook page