Your Safety and Security

March 28, 2022

Tackling a new problem with traditional spirit.

At MacLean & Bruce we have built our business on a number of principles, chief among them is our commitment to the health and safety of our staff, partners and guests who join us in Scotland on one of our bespoke whisky tours. 

During the Coronavirus pandemic, aware that both medical advice and government regulations are subject to change, sometimes at short notice, our health and safety and travel procedures are constantly re-evaluated in order to ensure people’s safety.

Everybody working for or with MacLean & Bruce, across all venues is regularly tested for symptoms of Coronavirus. 

Please contact us for up-to-the-minute Covid-19 travel safety information.

Historical connections

MacLean & Bruce is an organisation with historical family connections to Robert the Bruce, one of Scotland’s greatest monarchs and forever remembered for his defeat of Edward II at Bannockburn near Stirling on that fateful day in 1314. 

With the king at the head, others had arrived to join a cause which put simply was about the future of Scotland. From around the country they came together to defeat a common enemy.

Bruce’s victory was built on local knowledge, planning and determination in the face of adversity.

Our trusted partners and the Bannockburn Spirit

Well used to close working relationships with our trusted partners – the best in the business – we wanted to say thank you to them all because they help make what we offer as a company so special. 

This mutual trust, understanding and cooperation, which has never been so important, helps us take the fight to this new unseen enemy. We like to call it the ‘Bannockburn Spirit’.

How our business differs from mainstream Scottish tourism

We wanted to talk about how much our business differs from mainstream Scottish tourism and why that is so significant and advantageous to our guests during these difficult times.

Let’s take a visit to Edinburgh Castle as an example. Unsurprisingly our guests love to visit what is arguably Scotland’s most historic landmark, after all two of Scotland’s greatest heroes, Robert the Bruce and William Wallace stand guard at the castle entrance. 

Whether it’s dinner with the castle officials or a bespoke tour, everything happens for our guests when all the other visitors have gone home. This means social distancing, peace of mind and enjoyment of the occasion are much easier to achieve.  

Many of our guests who visit Edinburgh will stay with one of our most important partners – the Balmoral Hotel on Princes Street. With extensive experience of looking after discerning clients the hotel offers an unparalleled service. 

During the pandemic this includes a dedicated Health and Safety Supervisor responsible for all areas of the guest experience – front of house and behind the scenes.

Heading north from the capital to the wild and often lonely beauty of the Cairngorms National Park, the baronial splendour of the exclusive use Candacraig House beckons. Set within a Highland estate It’s a perennial favourite for our guests, the perfect location for small groups to relax and unwind, confident that privacy, safety and guest satisfaction are paramount. 

Bespoke distillery visits remain at the heart of every MacLean & Bruce experience. Take Glenkinchie as an example. Its owner Diageo has taken extraordinary steps to ensure that each and every visit to their distillery is planned with safety and enjoyment in mind. 

But a MacLean & Bruce whisky tour is no ordinary whisky tour, they are exclusive and conducted without distraction from other visitor groups.

In Broomhall House have we saved the best to last? Often the first port of call for our guests, this magnificent building, set in a private estate in the Fife countryside, is the home of Andrew Bruce, 11th Earl of Elgin, the 37th chief of the Name of Bruce and descendant of Robert the Bruce.

A visit to Broomhall House, a secure and exclusive use venue, allows us to introduce Robert the Bruce to our visitors. It’s a house packed with reminders of a warrior statesman – a man caught in the ebb and flow of dynastic ambition – a man of his time – a man whose greatest hour and our most enduring memory was forged on a summer’s day on a marshy field close to the Bannock Burn.

Scotland – the great outdoors

Despite Scotland’s varied weather much of what happens on our whisky tours happens outdoors. Golf, fishing, shooting and off-roading to name only a few – indeed many of our best-loved activities are carried out in the safest of all environments – the beautiful Scottish countryside. 

Transport arrangements.

Private travel, whether by jet, helicopter of chauffeur driven limousine, allows our guests to travel quickly and safely, far from overcrowded transport hubs. This MacLean & Bruce bespoke service allows a heightened level of protection. 

Our already safety conscious transport partners ensure that vehicles and aircraft are frequently cleaned and disinfected while drivers and pilots are regularly tested for Coronavirus.

Of course, these few short examples are but an opening chapter, however they do give an indication of our unyielding commitment to our guest’s wellbeing.

But let’s not forget that even with all the extra precautions we have in place our aim is to make visits to our beautiful country memorable and enjoyable – a spirited journey packed with fun and laughter.