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'Santa Baby' scented candle

Santa Baby' scented candle, large. Sparkle and snowflakes bring celebration as day breaks. It's a pink and blue lit dawn, the Christmas Star fades to morning excitement luminous like winter sun. Tangerines tumble from the toe of a saucy Christmas stocking, their citrus-peel scent on a flying carpet through the shimmer of tinsel on the pine sharp fir tree. Luxury wafts heady scent from the pots of Paper White narcissus resting on a walnut table top. Flames flicker and the mood settles, presents unwrapped and it's time for lounging on a fur rug by the fire, champagne bubbles in cool crystal, silver candlesticks shine back a smile in reflection, and the flame of festivity crackles with happiness as bright as diamonds in polished firedogs on the hearth. Merry Christmas! Top Note - Lime, Orange, Mandarin Middle Note - Nordic Pine, Spruce Base Note - Resin Weight - 1kg Burning Hours - Approx 120 hours

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