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Araminta Campbell Custom Design Gift Box

The gift of a custom tartan or tweed design is a truly unique experience. Receiving this box takes the recipient on a journey to create their very own tartan or tweed design. Using inspiration from family history, a favourite landscape or colour palette, we work closely with them to create a truly personal design. Each gift box contains a voucher for a bespoke tweed or tartan design and everything needed to begin the custom design process. It includes a short history of tweed and tartans, description of the stages involved and some swatches and examples of what can be created from the completed design. The final design will be presented in a printed format, and clients creating a custom tartan design will also receive their certificate of registration from The National Tartan Register. If the design is going to be produced into cloth or other products, the printout will be accompanied by the proposed colour-matched yarn twists. There are a wide variety of manufacturing options available; contact Araminta Campbell for further information and prices.

£ 1,500.00 GBP

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