There are a large number of distilleries which we can visit, some of which are not open to the public. At all of them you can be assured of VIP treatment from the owners or managers. Tastings of old and rare bottlings will be arranged both at distilleries as well as in the evenings, and sometimes even outdoors in sensational scenic locations.

Distilleries are in every far-flung corner of Scotland, with a handful situated on islands. It requires versatility and a variety of transport to reach the more remote. However the welcome and hospitality you will receive will justify going the extra mile. Each distillery, and the ancient lands which they occupy, are peppered with historic tales and folklore. The perfect accompaniment to a leisurely dram.

Whisky can form as large or small a part of your journey as you choose, with alternative tastings and excursions arranged for those who so wish. For whisky enthusiasts, the distillery visits, rare tastings and expert insight is a truly unique opportunity.

Should you wish, we can fly our expert up from London to conduct a cigar masterclass.

Charles MacLean is one of the founding directors of MacLean & Bruce. Described as ‘Scotland’s leading whisky expert’ by The Times newspaper, the renowned author acts as consultant for the industry and auction houses, writing materials for leading brands, conducting tastings and sitting on judging panels. He was elected a Keeper of the Quaich in 1992 for ‘his services to Scotch over many years’ and granted the rare honour of being elected Master of the Quaich, the industry’s highest accolade, in October 2009. His participation in our trips is a prestigious opportunity for guests to learn from one of the world’s leading authorities on whisky.

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Charles MacLean