Spectacular Scotland

Prepare to fall in love with Scotland. You will discover the warm hospitality and natural charm of this proud nation for yourself.

The majority of Scotland has remained untouched through the millennia, providing a link back to the ancient beauty of Caledonia. There are countless special places to wonder at and explore: stunning scenery and iconic landmarks filled with mystery, enchantment and intrigue. Craggy mountains wreathed in mist, glassy black lochs that mirror the forest pines, playful tumbling waterfalls and leaping salmon.

By contrast, Edinburgh and Glasgow are vibrant and contemporary, combining antique and modern architecture with a vast array of cultural opportunities; a feast for the senses. Scotland’s turbulent and often violent history can still be seen in our ancient monuments and stirring battlefields. Formidable castles, age-old standing stones, brochs and crannogs (early settlements) offer a direct link back to these early communities. Despite suffering through a history of hardship, Scotland’s people are generous and hospitable, and proud of their historic nation.

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