Food & Drink

Scotland is worth visiting for the cuisine alone. Our green and fertile land has a long history of producing the highest quality of food and drink. Game, dairy, seafood, fruit and vegetables are grown and raised in abundance in Scotland’s temperate climate. Traditional culinary skills, combined with global influences, allow Scotland’s unique chefs to transform our natural ingredients into exquisite contemporary dishes.

The selection of chefs which we use are highly respected masters of their craft. A fully stocked bar will be available at all times, and fine wines will be selected carefully to match the meals. Food will be of the highest standard, locally sourced and seasonal and you will find new flavours and combinations to fall in love with. Alongside these long and leisurely feasts, we will arrange a number of sublime tasting opportunities. Whisky and chocolate, oysters and champagne, cheese and ale; we’ll find you taste sensations that aren’t just the best in Scotland – they are among the very finest in the world.